Chef on a Diet: Day 4—Eating Right on Date Night

With such a busy schedule, my husband & I have made Wednesday nights our “date night.” Traditionally this means we spend the night at a local restaurant enjoying each other’s company with dinner & drinks. We live in an area w/ a micro-brewery at our freeway off ramp and a winery 3 doors down from our home. This makes it much too convenient to stop and imbibe “just one more” on the way home since we’re having fun and don’t want it to end.

So, the first goal of last night’s date was to stay away from alcohol.  We decided on the neighborhood taco joint that doesn’t serve any, and a movie rental for home. For the meal, I chose two chicken tacos w/corn tortillas and an unsweetened iced tea for 410 calories—not bad for a date night dinner.

The next challenge was the choice of refreshments for the at-home movie. W/ all that close access to beer & wine, of course we have a fridge and closet full. (Did I mention one of my best friends is a winemaker?)  But I was determined to keep it clean this first week so I went for some chamomile tea. I also planned for an evening snack, which w/ the movie was, of course, light popcorn @ 120 cals. Good food, great company, an interesting movie, and NO diet violations—not too shabby a kickoff for “new-style” date night.

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