Chef on a Diet—After 3 Weeks: Down 7

After 3 weeks of dieting, I am amazed that I’m not miserable and cursing myself. This is really working! I know I shouldn’t be surprised; I’ve been watching it work for 4 ½ years. But I am surprised at how easy it has been. I am rarely hungry in between meals—only if I get too busy and stray from my schedule, which does usually happen a couple of times a week. And my meals actually fill me up.

Most every nutritionist, doctor, or trainer I’ve worked with has told me the key to losing weight is to stabilize blood sugar. Eating balanced meals more often (that is, from 4 to 6 times per day) is usually what is recommended. And I have never heard any of them say cut out the carbs, which is good because I love carbs! Carbs that are high in fiber are actually part of a well-balanced meal and can help stabilize blood sugar. I’ve been eating brown rice, brown rice pasta, barley, beans, whole grain breads & tortillas. No wonder I’m not hungry!

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