Chef on a Diet—After 6 Weeks: Down 11

Surpassing the 10-pound milestone is a great feeling! My clothes fit better and I can really feel the difference. After last week’s asthma attack, my doctor gave me a one-week steroid pack to fix me up (in addition to a breathing treatment and a big shot in the butt). To my horror, she told me not to be surprised if I gained a little weight and if my hunger increased. Well, I was in no position to argue, so I bucked up and prepared to be hungry.

It may be obvious to everyone else, but I’ve figured out that having diet-friendly snack choices readily available to me makes a huge difference. Otherwise, I wind up eating 2 or 3 snacks searching for something satisfying. So, I have a few “go to” snacks always on hand, like string cheese & fruit, healthy spreads & Wasa crackers, and bean dips w/ brown rice chips. And in case I’m hungry between meals or between official snack times, I have some raw “free” veggies washed and cut up (“free” are those veggies that you can eat as much as you like of because they’re incredibly low in calories). Also, I’m lucky to work where we always have some low-fat peanut butter cookies if I need something sweet. But even more than cookies, my favorite “go to” is yogurt & granola. It’s great as an official snack or for when I haven’t planned a meal, because I can eat it any time of day w/ or w/o fresh berries.

So, my hunger is under control, and I’m 1/3 of the way to my goal—and now only 4 pounds to half-way there!

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