Chef on a Diet—After 7 Weeks: Down 13

Almost half way there! I think it’s time to kick up the exercise a notch. Although I know that exercise is really important for general good health and weight loss, I have been holding off on joining the gym or going gung-ho on Zumba (an exercise DVD that I purchased 1 ½ yrs ago). I admit I’m afraid that I’ll burn out on exercise and then gain weight when I stop. Also, I want something in reserve in case I hit a plateau. Lastly, I hate to sweat almost as much as my mother does. So, I have been trying to balance my weekend splurges w/ brisk walking for an hour on Saturdays & Sundays. However, I have a few birthdays, a wedding, and out of town guests soon approaching, and I think I’ll need more than a couple of walks to help if I’m going to continue losing. So, this week I’m starting w/ additional home exercises w/ weights. Next week, maybe Zumba?

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