Chef on a Diet—After 8 Weeks: Down 13

My first week without weight loss—Ugh! But, as I’ve said before, I need to be able to live with this plan, so if it takes me a little longer to lose, I’ll deal with it. And, I didn’t do as well balancing out my fun activities w/ increased exercise as planned. Moreover, I didn’t expect my fun to be soooo decadent! Since it was Lori’s birthday celebration (yes, California Chef’s operations manager Lori), I gave myself one full day of throwing caution to the wind. I won’t be doing this again anytime soon, but I think it was worth it: eggrolls (lobster-filled & fried), Kobe meatballs, crab cakes (fried), bacon-wrapped scallops, ribs, more lobster, truffled Mac & cheese, s’mores, bread pudding, and, of course, lots of beverages before, during, and after. I was even mauled by a camel—oh wait, that has nothing to do w/ weight loss. On further reflection, I should just be happy that I survived the celebration and didn’t gain any weight this week:)

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