Chef on a Diet—Midway Maintenance: Holding at 17

After I hit the 17-lb. mark, I had to make a decision on how to handle the upcoming 3 weeks. I had a number of events that were definitely going to make dieting a challenge: a wedding and 3-day weekend in Rancho Mirage; Connecticut cousins coming to visit the next week; and then Mother’s day brunch w/ the family. I decided that since I was a little over half-way to my goal, it would be a good time to see what maintenance would be like in “real-life” situations. So, instead of avoiding and abstaining, I just tried to make good choices whenever possible, with the goal of keeping my weight steady over the entire 3-week span.

Because my diet is really a balanced, healthy eating plan, rather than a drastic elimination of food groups, my maintenance naturally included many of the same principles that I have followed from the beginning of my weight-loss program. The biggest difference was that I had less planning, less control, and less exercise. There was more eating out and more social eating and drinking. However, I still tried to eat my usual portion size, and I chose well balanced meals with whole grains, lean proteins, and lots of veggies. At the end of the 3 weeks, I weighed in at break-even, without ever having fluctuated more than 2 pounds. It is good to have an idea of what life will be like when I reach my goal—which, by the way, I have revised (increased) to 35 pounds lost by August 1st. I’m now ready for Phase 2!

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