Chef on a Diet—Down 25 lbs: 3 weeks left!

What happened to June?! What a crazy month it was, and July is also whizzing right by. With my work schedule, exercise continues to be a challenge for me. I have started swimming a few times a week, but I am hoping to really take it up a notch in these next 3 weeks. I need to finish dieting by the end of July.

August is my birthday month (yes, I celebrate the entire month) and I refuse to be “on a diet.” I can be “on maintenance,” but I don’t want to have to worry about losing weight during the traditional celebratory period. So, that means I have to shed at least 5 lbs. in the next 3 weeks. My original goal was 30 lbs. Somewhere along the way I got a little cocky and decided I should go for 35, but 30 is much more realistic, and I decided to be happy if I reach it. What a great birthday present it will be to myself. Wish me luck!

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