Chef on a Diet—Year-End Review

So, here we are with 3 days left til the new year, and it seems like the perfect time to evaluate my weight-loss progress for 2010. On February 1st, I started following California Chef’s Weight Loss program, and I have to say, even I was surprised how easy it was. By July 11th (the date of my last blog), I had lost 25 pounds. Not bad for less than 5½ months! Here’s what made it so easy:

  1. I didn’t have to think about what to eat. All of my meals were planned for me.
  2. My food quantities were measured out specifically for my calorie count.
  3. I really did like all of my meals.
  4. I didn’t have to go to the grocery store when I was hungry.
  5. I ate out much less.

I didn’t intend to go on a maintenance plan at that point, but that’s what happened. I celebrated my birthday month (August) w/ lots of ice cream (my favorite) and weekend celebrations, but I compensated with extra exercise and staying on track during the week. I was amazed I never gained more than 2 lbs.

Then it seemed there were celebrations on top of celebrations: friends’ birthdays, a wedding, more relatives visiting, a bar mitzvah, Thanksgiving, my husband’s birthday month, holiday parties, Christmas, and now here we are. With all the festivities, I guess I forgot to go back on my diet! However, I am still in my maintenance range of +2 pounds. And after January 1st, I will start my diet again and go for another 10 pounds.

I, and everyone else at California Chef, wish you all the happiest and healthiest new year and the best of luck with all your goals in 2011—be they dietary or otherwise!

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