Beat the Heat with Mango Salsa

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything here, but that’s just the way things go: When I’m too crazy-busy in the kitchen, the blog just doesn’t make the cut. This time, however, I’ve decided to just bite the bullet because I couldn’t let the scorching heat wave of last week wreak its havoc without putting up some resistance. So, I’m going to share a wonderful recipe for mango salsa that we used in the kitchen last week to help our customers beat the heat.

Nutritionally speaking, mangos are high in fiber, Vitamins C and E, beta carotene, calcium, flavonoids, and amino acids. Translation: The health benefits of mangos include everything from cancer prevention to improved digestion, eye health, and some say even heat stroke. With the LA temperatures we endured last week, I say bring on the mangos!

Mangos are for sale everywhere in greater LA.  Drive up Kanan Rd on the way home from the beach and you can get a box for $6.00. Obviously, you can also get them at your favorite grocery store, or, usually, even at Costco. Get yours and get ready to make some mango salsa! Here’s the California Chef recipe:

1. Chop all ingredients separately in a food processor. If you don’t have a processor, by hand is fine. Besides being faster, a food processor will retain more of the juices. Pulse each ingredient and then empty into a bowl:

    1 cup of mango, peeled

    3 seeded Roma tomatoes

    ¼ of a red onion

    2. To your bowl add:

      2 Tablespoons of corn

      2 Tablespoons of diced Serrano chilies

      1 Tablespoon of lime juice

      1 Tablespoon chopped cilantro

      1 teaspoon of minced garlic

      1 teaspoon of chili powder

      This salsa is great as a dip for chips (for guilt-free chips, use the chips part of the recipe from my blog of February 10, 2010), or try it on grilled chicken or fish.  If you try it, let me know what you think at

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