Chef’s Husband on a Diet—Time Flies When You’re Ignoring a Deadline

Well, it seems like my reluctance to blog about my weight loss program was justified: Here I am only 2 weeks into my effort, and I’ve already missed one of my weekly writing deadlines. Sorry about that; I hope the protracted anticipation hasn’t cost you any sleep. However, without further ado, I now present the results of my Week 2 weigh-in: I’m at 222 lbs., so I’ve lost a total of 4.5 lbs., for a weekly average of 2.25 lbs. All considered, not too bad.

Many people have a more pronounced weight loss in the first week or two of a new diet regimen, and that’s mostly because they’re fanatical about trying to stick to their new meal plan—even if it entails far too few calories and is ultimately unsustainable. This heady early weight loss, however, usually helps provide the motivation for sticking to the program—at least in the short term—because people do a quick calculation projecting out a few weeks or months and think, “Oh my God! I am going to be at my goal weight in no time! Who cares if I have to eat tripe and seaweed with every meal?”  A few weeks down the line, though, most people start losing significantly less weight than at the beginning, and they’re sick of always feeling hungry and/or eating foods they would never choose on their own if they weren’t on a diet.

That was not my issue. My issue was almost the opposite. Because Denise and I had one of our closest friends staying with us for 5 nights during my Week 1, I had a hard time sticking w/ my California Chef meals at night and our celebratory evenings out involved decadent food choices and way more alcohol than any diet would ever allow. (In our defense, we hadn’t seen this friend since Christmas, we were celebrating her February birthday, and we felt like we had to make the nights more fun than usual to repay her for the fact that she was helping us out in the kitchen during the day to fill in for an employee who was unexpectedly out of service for the week.) However, by sticking with my Cal Chef meals during the day, I was able to mitigate the damage we did by night. Against that backdrop, I’ll take the weight loss I was able to manage—and, going forward, I will resolve to try to keep my deviations to a minimum for a while. I’ll even try to get back on schedule w/ my blogs.

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