Put Some Spring in Your Step!

As you hopefully already know, we turned the clocks ahead by 1 hour early Sunday morning. That means that today—as the first workday after the change—is when many people will truly notice how much extra daylight we’re now getting in the early evening. The sun won’t set here in Southern California until just about 7:00 pm. That gives us all more than an hour’s bonus of sunshine this evening over what we had just 2 nights ago. Let’s enjoy it!

How about getting outside and taking a walk this evening? Or if you’ve been biking only on the weekends this winter because of visibility concerns at night, how about sneaking in a nice ride before dinner? If running is your thing, how about revving things up in that extra hour of sun when drivers can more easily see you? Parcourse, paddleball, tennis—whatever exercise gets your blood flowing, get going with it tonight. No matter how healthy you eat, burning extra calories through exercise is a great help in losing weight, and if winter’s early darkness has been keeping you sedentary at night, now’s the time to get off the couch and to spring into action!

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