March Madness—No Need

March is always an exciting time of the year: We turn the clocks forward so we get an extra hour of light after work; winter finally gives up on itself and relinquishes its time slot to spring; and the NCAA brings us the perennial festival of basketball known as March Madness! And while “madness” might be an apt, catchy term for the college hoops bacchanalia that unfolds this time of year, madness is probably not what you want the rest of your life to be characterized as.

So, as spring gets underway, it’s a great time to take a look at your life and see if there are any changes you’d like to make to minimize your madness. If you made New Year’s resolutions that you’ve been unable to keep or have outright given up on already, you might consider taking another look at what really matters the most to you, and see if you want to pick the Top 2 things or just Top 1 thing that you’d really like to change, accomplish, or eliminate from your life, and make a renewed effort to get things on track now. If weight loss is a goal, this time of year might be the best to really get things going. Since daylight is increasing every day, we all have more time to spend outside exercising while the sun’s out (well, once this current rain storm clears out), and drivers have an easier time seeing and avoiding us on our walks, runs, or bike rides. And changing eating habits can be easier too, since many people—even here in Southern California—do tend to hibernate more in the colder, darker months of winter while unconsciously eating more to pad on calories for some added protection against the elements.

But what about the everyday madness that springs from the frenetic pace we have to keep up just to meet our daily obligations? Workplaces often demand long hours from us while also serving up heaping helpings of stress. Parenting also requires loads of time and entails the pressure of making sure you do your best every day to help your kids grow into the types of people the world could really use more of. What about civic engagement, community work, volunteering? Let’s face it, we’ve got a lot going on! So maybe we can take a cue from the spring equinox, when the length of the day and night comes into perfect balance. Yep, that’s really cool, but it lasts for exactly one day—one day. So let’s just admit that perfect balance is an incredibly rare thing, but we can at least strive to improve our own. Try to take time to do something relaxing every day! Fit in some exercise; listen to some music you love; make time for that hobby you’ve long neglected; or fill in your own blank here. The point is that you need some time for yourself to recharge your batteries and maintain your sanity. After all, madness in March is fine on the basketball court—but there is no need to court it at any time anywhere else in your life.

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