Welcome Dr. Farid Zarif to the California Chef Team!

Dr. Farid Zarif is a professional nutritionist. He is a former instructor at Western University School of Medicine, and has a PhD in human nutrition with a masters in public health. Dr. Zarif has 10 plus years of experience in management and education, his specialties are: Eating disorders, mental wellness therapy, holistic and functional nutrition, whole food life-style management, food science, supplements, fitness, creating and administering effective and innovative low glycemic and anti-inflammatory meal plans and recipes, elimination diets and identifying food allergies and sensitivities. He believes that in order to heal from traumas of all kinds, it is important that people are educated on a holistic level which includes learning the right foods to eat to help people thrive with their mental health and wellness. In addition he is also a renowned public speaker, tv/radio personality, and author. Further, he has extensive experience in public speaking and presentations. He has excellent project-management skills with a great eye for detail in optimizing health and fitness. He is working directly with Chef Denise and will contribute regularly to our blog!