California Chef Celebrates 14 Years!

When California Chef started 14 years ago, on August 1st, 2005, the meal delivery industry was in its infancy. It used to take me a half hour to explain to people what I did, and then they’d say, “Oh, you’re a caterer!”–“Ahh, no!”  Now, in 2019, there are many more choices for meal delivery service, and we really appreciate every client who chooses California Chef!

It has been very rewarding to hear from the people who we’ve helped lose weight, lower their blood pressure, control their blood sugar, lower their cholesterol, recover from surgery, fight cancer, and manage overall health through nutrition.

We remain a small, family-owned local business that delivers to the greater Los Angeles area (including parts of Orange and Ventura counties). Our commitment to delivering delicious, healthy meals to even the pickiest eaters or those with the most restrictive dietary needs has not wavered.  We pride ourselves on using the highest quality ingredients and providing superior customer service. And we still want each client to love every meal!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients and employees past and present who have contributed to California Chef making it to this milestone!