Struggling to Eat Healthy During Pandemic?

The current Coronavirus pandemic is altering our lives more and more each day. With daily activities paused, and less access to fresh food from the grocery stores, restaurant closures, and gym closures, it can feel more difficult than ever to maintain a healthy lifestyle. California Chef is here to provide Los Angeles and surrounding areas with fresh, healthy prepared meals in this time of need. We all miss going out to restaurants, hunting for recipe ingredients, and spending time with friends. But – all is not lost. CA Chef is here for you, to help you eat healthy, and we’re cooking up a storm.

Health-Conscious Meal Plans

Our meal plans have been designed to be nutritious, delicious, and health-conscious. Choose from one of our healthy diet plans to best suit your needs:

  • Weight Loss – When you love what you eat, you don’t need to cheat! Our Weight Loss meal plan will never make you feel like you’re on a diet. From guilt-free pizza to lean, protein-packed burgers, we promise that you will love what we deliver.
  • Health Management – Your health is in good hands with us. We work with you to plan a diet around your specific health concerns. Whether you are diabetic, are pregnant, or have heart disease – we will craft a carefully selected meal plan just for you.
  • Athletic Performance – From calorie counting to macronutrient control, wherever you are on your fitness path, we can help.
  • Vegetarian – Eating vegetarian has never been THIS delicious.

Eat Healthy with the Family

We offer a family style meal plan that is sure to please both adults and kids. Tasty entrees, pastas, and desserts are for family-time. We also offer a meal plan for senior citizens, designed specifically for the unique needs of each customer.

Whatever your home and family situation is at this time, California Chef has something for you. Place an order today, to get tasty, healthy food delivered right to your door.

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