10 Fun Things to Do at Home with the Kids During COVID

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Stay at home orders have been in effect for well over a month now, and state officials are still unsure how much longer we will be here. With the kids at home, and nowhere to go, things could be feeling a bit crazy and unstructured in the house. Here is a list of 10 fun things to do at home with the kids, to keep you all entertained.


  1. Good old fashioned arts and crafts – get out the crayons, sidewalk chalk, and watercolor sets. Put on a song and have the kids draw their interpretations of it. Make portraits of each other, or landscapes of faraway places.
  2. Science experiments – have you ever tried putting a mento into coca-cola? Make sure to put down some newspapers!
  3. Practice gratitude – have the kids share what they are grateful for, or what their favorite part of the day was.
  4. Family games – monopoly, mad libs, or hide and seek can easily pass the time.
  5. Build a fort – turn your living room into a colorful blanket fortress.
  6. Put on a talent show – have the kids practice a ‘routine’ of some sort – magic tricks, singing, or learning to juggle can take up an afternoon.
  7. Do yard work together – if you have an outdoor space to enjoy during quarantine, teaching the kids how to weed, plant flowers, or start a garden is a great way to get the whole family outside.
  8. Make schoolwork fun – create an indoor scavenger hunt meant to help them study. Create colorful flashcards, or order some fun stickers to reward them when they’ve finished their work for the day.
  9. Put on a fashion show – let the kids dress themselves and show off their favorite outfit combinations. Pull out the Halloween box and have them wear costumes for a day.
  10. Cook! If you have ingredients laying around the house, teach your kids how to make simple meals.

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