Meal Delivery for the Whole Family

Tired of trying to please the whole family with what you put on the dinner table each night? Not sure what to whip up from the limited ingredients you have? California Chef is here for you. We provide a no-contact meal delivery service that the whole family will love. Our family-style meal plan combines best-loved family favorites with healthy meal options. Each meal is made fresh and delivered to your door for your convenience.

Traditional, Healthy & Delicious

Our family meal plan consists of classic family entrees such as pasta and meatballs, meatloaf, and grilled pork. Try international flare with meals such as salmon teriyaki and enchiladas. All of our meals are made from the freshest ingredients and are packed with flavor. We are a health-conscious company that focuses on cooking delicious food without the junk.

Make it Organic

Our family meal plan is available for families of 2 to 6 people and starts at $22/night per person for meal delivery. We also offer an organic family meal plan for $25/night per person, which includes organic proteins and wild-caught seafood. Add dessert for an additional $5/night per person.

Try California Chef Today

Purchase 5 or more days of our family meal delivery service and your first day of meals is free (for new customers only).

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