Get Fit with the Family, Come Home to Dinner Delivery

With the kids at home and the gym closed, getting around to exercising can seem like a challenge. Instead of getting antsy indoors, take the whole family out for a fun day of fitness. There are plenty of ways to be active and keep everybody entertained. After your long day of activities, come home to delicious dinner delivery provided by California Chef. Here are some fun fitness activities to do with the family.


  • Biking – hitch up the bike rack and go explore a new path. Pack a picnic to share for lunch. Biking is a fun way to get outdoors while still practicing social distancing. Make sure everyone wears a helmet!
  • Hiking/trail running – see who can race up the hill path the quickest! Explore lesser-known territories to avoid large crowds on the trail.
  • Roller skating – this is a fun activity that you can do in your own driveway or on your street. Do you prefer roller skates or roller blades? Get everyone suited up with knee pads and try out some turns and tricks.
  • Obstacle course – build an obstacle course in your backyard out of the swing set, baskets, or blanket forts. Try and set a record time that your kids have to try and beat.
  • Boot camp: pretend like you are training for an adventurous expedition. Teach the kids sit-ups and pull-ups to get them fit enough to take on the bad guys.


However you decide to get your exercise, nothing is better than a tasty meal after a hard day’s work. California Chef is here to deliver you freshly made family meals so that you can focus on what matters most: spending quality time with the family.

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