Comforting Favorites for
You and Family

There’s something about a home cooked meal. Sharing great-tasting food while gathering around the table is truly one of life’s simplest pleasures.

But with today’s hectic schedules, from working late to soccer practices and everything in between, enjoying a real, made from scratch meal together isn’t as easy as it used to be.

For over 14 years, California Chef has brought authentic home cooked meals right to you. You deserve more than a meal delivery service, and real home cooking shouldn’t be a do-it-yourself kit from a box. Our mission is to save you time and serve up delicious, comforting favorites delivered ready to eat every day of the week.

Our head chef loves a challenge, and he found a way to recreate those classic meals you love, while keeping them portion-controlled, and fresh and balanced.

Everything is made with fresh ingredients that are seasonal and locally-sourced, 
including our meats, fish, and poultry. You won’t catch any frozen, processed, or 
pre-made stuff in our farm to table meals.

All of our meals are fully cooked, the only thing you need to do is heat them 
up. That means in addition to home cooking you can feel good about, you get 
the gift of time – no slaving over the kitchen stove, no prep work, and most 
importantly, no stress about what to eat.

Whether you want perfectly portioned, home cooked meals for yourself, or if 
you want your whole family to enjoy homestyle dishes without having to spend 
hours in the kitchen, we give you the power to be a mealtime hero.