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Our Meal Delivery Plans

Weight Loss

Thousands of pounds of weight loss success! Our secret is tailoring every recipe to your personal taste, calorie requirements, and nutritional needs. Imagine losing weight just by eating the food you love, conveniently delivered fresh to your Los Angeles home or office! Doesn’t that sound like the best diet ever?

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Our family meal delivery plan is a combo of best-loved family favorites and plenty of healthy meal options. It’s the perfect choice for delicious, well-balanced meal delivery for the whole family. With our personal chef approach to meal delivery, your meals are always cooked to meet your family’s preferences.

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Health Management

Our health management meal plan is specifically designed for those with diabetes, heart disease, Celiac disease, Chronic Fatigue, and IBS. All our meals in this plan are low in sodium and heart-healthy. Your health is in good hands with us; let us help you create a plan that suits your health needs.

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Our vegetarian meal delivery plan consists of a totally vegetarian menu, eliminating all meat and meat by-products. Innovative recipes make this meal plan a delicious and satisfying dining experience. Most of our vegetarian dishes can be prepared as low-cal and low-fat meals without sacrificing flavor.

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With our senior meal delivery plan, seniors are able to enjoy their favorite meals without shopping or cooking, and even clean up is a snap! Good, nutritious food is very important to the overall health of all seniors. With California Chef’s Senior Meal Delivery, delicious, healthy food is ready to eat in just minutes!

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Athletic Performance

Our athletic performance meal plan is specifically designed to meet the needs of athletes of all ages. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just starting out; whether your goal is to increase endurance and speed or build strength, we will create a meal plan to help you accomplish your performance goals.

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