Google Reviews
Angie McBride

The food is delicious, the staff knowledgeable, and I have lost 15 pounds! Couldn’t be happier!

Jason Peterson

Very happy with all the meals I have gotten. Everything tastes good and has been a great balance for my health. I have lost 15 pounds and feel a lot healthier now. The food always arrives at my door fresh and it looks and tastes great. Thank you!

Diane Hill

My husband and I contracted with California Chef to provide us with prepared meals while I recovered from hip surgery. The dinners we received were easy to prepare – just heat and eat, and were creative and tasty. I won’t hesitate to order from California Chef again if the need arises, and highly recommend them to anyone looking for high quality, fully-prepared meals.

K Jen

I have personally worked at California chef services and I was always impressed on the time and care we put into our clients food! Kitchen is kept clean, food was always fresh, and the meal ideas are delicious. Give this place a try, it’s totally worth it!

Kajiah Laneace Box

Yelp Reviews
Annemarie K.

Los Angeles, CA

Can’t say enough about how amazing the California Chef meals and staff are!!! You will not be disappointed!!! So nice to come home to a beautifully prepared meal exactly to your specifications.

Katherine J.

Canyon Country, CA

I cannot say enough amazing things about the service! First off the food is amazing! I dream about their meatballs and nachos! The staff that works there is so friendly and accommodating. My food is always on time and always fresh and delicious. I am now trying out their vegetarian meals and even they are delicious! Such a great service and I am such a fan! Try it you will not be disappointed.

Candace N.

Long Beach, CA

Hands down the best meal delivery service that exists! The food is delicious and truly takes into account your dietary needs, but also your preferences and allergies. It is like having your own personal chef making meals customized just for you. Other services I’ve tried have options but are still always limited in making meals that are truly customized. I can trust that I am eating healthy while actually loving everything I eat!

Lesli L.

Los Angeles, CA

I was looking for a food service that could deliver healthy meals to my elderly mom. The first ones I called could not accommodate her special diet or deliver to her area (Malibu) or were so expensive it was ridiculous. Then I came upon California Chef. Not only were they reasonably priced and could deliver to her area they were beyond accommodating to her diet restrictions. But most importantly they were kind and helpful. There is nothing better to eat great food from people who you really like! Thank you California Chef for making our lives better!

Kellyanne J.

West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

I used them for a few months when I wasn’t able to cook myself. It was so nice to have food there ready for me to eat. Also great that they catered to my gluten free needs.

Deborah F.

Chautauqua, NY

We have received the best of all possible worlds with California Chef. We gave our kids the gift of really yummy and nourishing home-cooked meals, delivered to their door, for two separate occasions. For each one, they helped plan a week’s worth of meals and made every dietary variation we needed (including some very child-friendly meals). They were just terrific, the delivery was easy and the nutrition/taste/cost-value couldn’t be beat. We will engage their services any and every time we need them. Fabulous and dependable.

Christy H.

Spokane, WA

My company gave me a gift certificate for 8 dinners. The menu is extensive and covers all types of eaters and cuisines. The quality and taste is fresh and superb and the delivery came as expected with great packaging. I highly recommend this place, even as a gift idea for a family.

Tap M.

New York, NY

The ladies at California Chef are incredibly kind, helpful, and accomodating. They truly try to tailor your meals to your preferences and I’m not sure how they juggle all the requests. The meals come in sturdy, oven-safe containers with simple re-heating instructions. They taste great and as I figured out my favorites, I would narrow my menu selections to my favorites–turkey chili, steak/beef dishes, sweet potato, mexican fare etc… If you are looking for a delivery meal service, Cal Chef does a wonderful job and as close to home made as you could hope for. They are a business worth trying and supporting.