I have been eating California Chef for years and can honestly say I have no complaints. First off, I am a guy. I do not want to lose weight. But I DO want to eat healthy and avoid cooking! I thought a meal delivery service would be the way to go, but unfortunately I am a VERY picky eater and most places charge to truly customize your diet. California Chef does not. Best of all: they are so nice and accommodating!!

1. They let me fully customize my food and work with their team to determine the most optimal diet for my goals. (Everything from heavy workout nutrition, to maintenance.)
2. Delivery schedule. I receive meals M-F and do not work at home . . . They deliver M/W/F and will leave the food in a cooler at your door if you are away. All my Monday food is delivered Friday and still completely fresh to eat on Monday.
3. I am never hungry. I mean it! When I cook on my own I often find I don’t get the right mix of food. (I LOVE my carbs.) This leaves me always craving or getting a lot of hunger crashes. With CA Chef I feel really energized and didn’t realize the immediate effect proper nutrition has on my health.

1. None really. At first I was concerned about the price, but once I calculated how often I eat out it actually made more sense to go with CA Chef. Even when comparing between their competitors their pricing was the best because I could truly customize my meals without additional fees. That REALLY comes in handy when I switch up my diet. (Sometimes I will do P90X or Insanity… other times I just want to eat healthy).

There is a reason CA Chef is a 5 Star meal delivery service. They go above and beyond for their clients and are very hands on if you have nutritional questions. I highly recommend them!