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Additional subscriptions can use alternate shipping addresses or credit cards

Some Things You’ll Want to Know

Our Service

Sign up and forget it. You’ll be charged when you sign up and then weekly on Friday morning for ongoing deliveries unless you let us know by Thursday at 9:00pm that you need to change something.

We love to cook; you love to eat. To get your bag with your meals to your door, we need 72 hours’ notice of a new order or change to your subscription. Make a note in your calendar, just in case you need to make changes.


Delivery is $6-$10 per delivery dependent on where you are. Delivery times are currently between 5PM and 11PM on Sun/Tue/Thu.

Our drivers don’t like being bitten. We’ll let you handle Fido.

If your drop zone is secure, make sure you’ve given us, in your delivery instructions or by calling us, a key, fob, code or anything else we need to drop the bag where you want it.

Cooler Bags

You get a reusable bag which we ask you to return. Your meals will be kept cool with ice-packs. Please leave your bag and ice-packs outside at your drop zone before your next delivery.

Subscription Terms

Your initial subscription is for a minimum of 2 weeks. If you need to skip days or weeks or need to cancel because you’re moving to Alaska, notify us (by Thursday at 9pm of the prior week). Call us (818) 993-3631 or email

Preserving your Meals

Your meals are fresh, so take them out of the bag and get them in the refrigerator as soon as you can after the drop. Put the ice packs in your sink to thaw and wipe out the bag.

Medical Considerations and Allergies

We want you to be well, so consult your Doctor if you are on medication or a doctor-prescribed diet. If you have food sensitivities of allergies, we can provide ingredient lists, but we can’t be responsible for an adverse reaction to our food.

For more information: See Customer Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Website Usage and Our Lawyer Asked Us to Let You Know